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Street Art – Banksy & Co. L’arte allo stato urbano

| A big retrospective about the history of Street Art.
Palazzo Pepoli, Bologna (Italy) from March 18th 2016 to June 26th 2016.

The Exhibition Street Art – Banksy & Co. is the first big retrospective about the history of Street Art. It initiates a reflection about the modalities of protection, conservation and presentation in museums of this form of art: In the last 50 years street art as a deeply artistic form of expression has changed the way how we experience the urban space. This development was also possible because of the availability of new industrial materials, like the aerosol can and felt-tip pens in the 70ies and 80ies as well as new technologies like the web and affordable computers in the late 90ies.

The exhibition Street Art – Banksy & Co. is inviting visitors to discover the history of street art in a original and unique way – from its beginnings in New York in the 70ies and 80ies to works of art from the year 2000 and younger. More than 250 works and documents are exhibited in the halls of Palazzo Pepoli. They also show an important stage of the history of Bologna and invites visitors to rediscover their urban space. But the exhibition also raises questions: Which traces of this culture will also be found in the future? Which modalities and approaches can be used to protect this phenomenon? Is there an imperative need for redefining cultural politics in urban areas, because these artistic experiences – today more than ever – are influencing the world of imagery, the taste of the people and the art of an entire century?

Curated by Luca Ciancabilla, Christian Omodeo und Sean Corcoran.
Supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio, Bologna.
Produced by Genus Bononiae. Musei nella città  und der Arthemisia Group.
Initiated by Professor Fabio Roversi-Monaco, Präsident der Genus Bononiae.

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Street Art – Banksy & Co. L’Arte allo stato urbano
Luca Ciancabilla, Christian Omodeo und Sean Corcoran
Bononia University Press, March 2016
151 pages, 20,00 €
ISBN: 978-88-6923-131-5

Palazzo Pepoli – Museo della Storia di Bologna
Via Castiglione, 8, 40136 Bologna

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