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HANSEstreetartWORKS – Museum MARTa Herford

| Museum Marta Herford, June 13th to June 16th 2013.
Each year 182 Hanseatic Cities – from Turku in Finnland to La Rochelle in France – delegate artists to the HANSEartWORKS.

This exhibition represents annually the artistic variety of the Hanseatic Cities in the context of the International Hanseatic Days. This year the event is taking place in Herford.

The Museum Marta Herford initiated an entirely different concept for the exhibition in 2013: A street art festival will give visitors the chance to see the art directly on the streets of the city. From June 13th to 16th artists from 17 Hanseatic Cites will realize their artworks within the scope of the topic “vision” right in the middle of the city centre and in front of the eyes of the visitors. The topic of the festival refers to the exhibition “Vision – An atmosphere of change” that is shown in the museum simultaneously. Like this the city space will serve as an extended laboratory for ideas.
Following the official invitation of the well-known museum for contemporary art, architecture and design, DAIM will be realizing an extensive mural on an outside wall of the museum’s depository.

“D/-\IM – up and around Marta Herford” | Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
Courtesy: Museum Marta Herford / ReinkingProjekte | Photo © MRpro

The participating artists 2013 are:
Argus und Shadeshap (Bergen / Norway), Strook (Brügge / Belgium), Jeroen Diepenmaat (Deventer / Netherlands), Tuse / Piotr Jaworski (Gdansk / Polen), Enrico Pense / Sanek (Greifswald / Germany), Malik Heilmann, Marta Rozej und Denis Fiedler (Herford / Germany), Ben Stewart (King´s Lynn / England), El Peon (La Rochelle / France), Sebastian Boldt und Andrea Köster (Lübeck / Germany), Boxi (Osnabrück / Germany), Pusa (Pärnu / Estland), Dace Pudane (Riga / Lettland), Hanninga Thiel und Uta Helene Götz (Salzwedel / Germany), Korab Visoka (Stade / Germany), Uku Sepsivart (Viljandi / Estland), Eva Bergenwall (Visby / Sweden), Maria Aksentiewa und Anton Loginow (Welikij Nowgorod / Russia)
and DAIM.

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