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zone contemporaine | Photo © Merlin Photography


Mirko Reisser (DAIM)

Born 1971 in Lüneburg, Germany.
In 1989 Mirko Reisser sprayed his first works. He already realized his first commissioned pieces in 1990.
1991, right after his graduation from secondary school, he began to work as a freelance artist and called himself DAIM.
The artist started the fine arts program at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland in 1996. In 1999, he co-founded the studio collaboration getting-up in Hamburg.
Mirko Reisser (DAIM) has been represented by ReinkingProjekte and further galleries.



2017 – 2020

  • Realization of a wallpainting for the outdoor gallery project Kunstby from the City of Næstved / Denmark
  • Participation at STAMP – Internationales Festival der Straßenkünste, Hamburg / Germany
  • Realization of a wall painting for Nike WHQ Campus Expansion at the World Headquarter, Portland, OR / USA
  • Participation at SCALE WALL ART 2017, Siemens Campus, Munich, Germany

2014 – 2016

  • Participation at Charity Art Auction Überleben – Foundation for Torture Survivors
  • Realization of the wall painting round trip und Sea&Sun the Cruise Ship Mein Schiff 4 by TUI Cruises
  • Realization of the wall painting Progress at the worldwide first IKEA city-center store in Hamburg-Altona, Germany, together with getting-up
  • Creation of the design concept Rhythmus der Stadt for noise prevention walls with a size of 40.000 m² / 43,744 sq. yard on train-lines in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Germany, together with getting-up
  • Participation in the 4th Volvo Art Session 2014, Zurich, Switzerland as the new ambassador for Volvo Car Switzerland

2009 – 2013

  • Participation in the artists’ residence programme sommer.frische.kunst – Kunstresidenz, Bad Gastein, Austria
  • Realization of the 700 m² / 837 sq. yard wall painting Transform for the transformer station HafenCity for Vattenfall Germany, together with getting-up
  • Participation Volvo Art Session 2011 and 2013, Zurich / Switzerland
  • Participation at Charity Art Auction Überleben – Foundation for Torture Survivorsthe helping hounds of hellLebensKünstler and 15² – Kunst macht Schule, Germany

2005 – 2008

  • Realization of wall paintings at the Chemical Company Dr. Weigert and Restaurant Abendroth in Hamburg / Germany
  • Winner of the competition of designing the alternative currency Alto, Hamburg / Germany
  • Participation in Charity-Art-Project SOS-Childrensvillages, London / UK, ARTaids for AIDS-Hilfe Hamburg and SOS-Kunststück for SOS-Kinderdörfer, Germany

2003 – 2004

  • Wall painting within the scope of the exhibition Mexique-Europe, Allers-Retours, 1910-1960 at
  • LaM – Lille Métropolis Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
  • Contest participation for conformation the Spielbudenplatz at Hamburger Reeperbahn / Germany, together with getting-up
  • Realisation of a 400 m² / 478 sq. yard wall painting at the pumped-storage hydropower plant, Goldisthal, Germany for Vattenfall Europe.

2000 – 2002

  • Organization and realization the Urban Discipline – Graffiti-Art exhibition series in Hamburg, Germany and publication of the catalogue, together with getting-up
  • Planning and realization of the 2000 m² / 2392 sq. yard banner Das neue Hamburg und seine Partnerstädte (The new Hamburg and its twin cities) at Dock 10, Blohm + Voss at Hamburg harbor, Germany. Official opening by the major of Hamburg, Ortwin Runde
  • Participation in the Graffiti World Tour through Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and the USA
  • Participation in the Mural Global – Worldwide Mural Campaign in the context of the Agenda 21 with a sponsorship of the UNESCO, São Paulo, Brazil (within the scope of the Graffiti World Tour)
Solo exhibitions




  • 30th anniversary, Hangar 107, Rouen / France
  • The Swiss Connection, Kolly Gallery, Zurich / Switzerland
  • Überblick, Hanse-Office, Brussels / Belgium




2010 – 2012

2007 – 2009

  • ID, Kunstverein Buchholz, Buchholz i.d.N. / Germany
  • tapingDAIM, REINKINGPROJEKTE, Hamburg / Germany
Group exhibitions


2018 – 2020

  • Shifted Tags, Kunstverein Villa Streccius, Landau i.d. Pfalz / Germany
  • Art and the City: Graffiti in the Internet Age, Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg / Russia

2016 – 2017

2014 – 2015


2010 – 2012

2007 – 2009

2005 – 2006

  • Modern06, Residenz Munich / Germany
  • Coming soon… eingeworfen durch Rik Reinking,Projektraum Blashofer Berlin / Germany
  • What would I be without you…, City Gallery Prague / Czech Republic
  • sculpture@CityNord, Galerie Peter Borchardt, Hamburg / Germany
  • Minimal Illusions – working with the collection Rik Reinking, Villa Merkel, Esslingen / Germany
  • Schon vergeben – Sammlung Rik Reinking, Art Cologne / Germany
  • getting-up,K31 gallery, Lahr / Germany
  • smell of paint in the air, Westwendischer Kunstverein Gartow / Germany
  • Passion of collecting,Collection Federkiel, Collection Reinking, Alte Baumwollspinnerei Halle 14, Leipzig / Germany
  • smell of paint in the air, Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik, Halle K3, Hamburg / Germany

2000 – 2004

  • Gezeichnet Graffiti, Kunsthalle des Kunstvereins, Darmstadt / Germany
  • still crazy, Worldatelier Gallery at the Klingspor Museum, Offenbach am Main / Germany
  • Young primitives, Groninge Museum, Brugge / Belgium
  • getting-up, FREIRAUM, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg / Germany
  • Graffiti Art Oggi, Art Contemporanea Hirmer, Castello di Meleto, Chianti / Italy
  • Z 2000 – Positionen junger Kunst und Kultur, Akademie der Kuenste Berlin / Germany

1991 – 1999

  • Aufstand der Zeichen, Toskanische Saeulenhalle, Augsburg / Germany
  • A Tribute to Style, Kallmann Museum, Munich / Germany
  • Graffiti auf Leinwänden, Galerie Cosmix I.Q., Hamburg / Germany


  • Sammlung Artfonds21, Frankfurt / Germany
  • Sammlung Gunther Sachs, Germany
  • Sammlung Hoste, Munich / Germany
  • Sammlung Reinking, Hamburg / Germany
  • Sammlung Klingspor-Museum, Offenbach a.M. / Germany
  • Collection MuCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations), Marseille / France
  • Sammlung Altonaer Museum, Hamburg / Germany


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“DAIM’s program comprises the construction, as well as de-construction of a word (at some point, in between the processes of annealing and erasure, it emerges out of a synaesthetic sphere! And reveals: that it came into being out of nothingness and is always on the verge of disappearing into it again. DAIM-graffitis can be seen as fixed images of a word-formation that is constantly threatening to reassemble, denying access, escaping the demands of tangibility and, thereby, remain free and sovereign.
With every new DAIM-piece, Mirko Reisser takes possession of another piece of the world; and with every new DAIM-piece, the world takes possession of another piece of Mirko Reisser. “Shaping the character of letters and at the same time, discovering one’s own” is his dictum. The character of the letters remains variable, abstruse, in short: ambivalent (and, thus, subversive).
In between construction and de-construction, two- and three-dimensions, complexity of shape and simplification of content, between seclusion and an invitation to communicate, Mirko Reisser’s works reveal the unfathomable rift of the world – at the crossing of which the beholder increasingly struggles.”

Arne Rautenberg