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Beyond melancholia – Reinking Collection

| Beyond melancholia. Reinking Collection | Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg | 1.
From June 15, 2014, extended to January 04, 2015.

Beyond melancholia is the first and initial exhibition of a unique cooperation: For a series of presentations the Reinking Collection will collaborate with the Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg. In the context of the cooperation, works from a collection of contemporary art and works from the collections of an ethnological museum are exhibited together. In that way all exhibitions of this series unite not only works of different epochs but also from different countries and cultural areas. With traditional and contemporary works being shown together, new questions are raised relating to art from the past and the present and attention is drawn to their uniting aspects. The series of exhibitions focuses on human sentiments and the debate of key questions of our existence.

The Central point of the first part of the exhibition are the emotions of melancholia, gloom and grief, but beyond this also their counterparts happiness, ecstasy and glee. How can you grasp these moments? How can you live them and how can you particularly express them? The exhibited selection of works is supposed to be an area of projection for the own thoughts, inspire a dialogue with oneself and in that way give an opportunity to align and to locate oneself. Though no absolute answers can be given, an opportunity is presented to get a better sense of ones personal localisation in regard to our questions of time, space, perception and identity.

“Beyond melancholia” | Exhibitionview
Courtesy: Museum für Völkerkunde / Reinking Collection | Photo © MRpro

Artists: Banksy, Boxi, Madeleine Dietz, Terence Koh, Os Gemêos, Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Michael Schmeichel, Wolfgang Petrick und Dimitris Tzamouranis.

Museum für Völkerkunde
Rothenbaumchaussee 64
20148 Hamburg / Germany