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Long Distance, Städtische Galerie Bremen

| “DIALOG: Markus Genesius (Wow123) & Mirko Reisser (DAIM) – Long Distance” at Städtische Galerie Bremen (Municipal Gallery).
November 5th, 2017 till January 7th, 2018. Opening: Saturday November 4th, 2017 at 19 hrs.

The Städtische Galerie Bremen (Municipal Gallery) has invited Markus Genesius and Mirko Reisser to cooperate for the exhibition DIALOGUE. This project was established in 2015 with its first edition to facilitate a direct exchange between an artist from Bremen and his/her supraregional or international contacts with international reputation. The idea is to support the international networks of the Bremen art scene by making existing relations visible and by encouraging an artistic dialogue in situ in an exhibition.
Markus Genesius is an artist from Bremen who has been a protagonist of the international Urban Art scene for many years. He has worked in numerous cooperations with other artists. In recent times he transferred his urban graffiti art increasingly into institutions and media of the traditional visual arts.

„From tradition to innovation, from continuity to the break thereof, Markus Genesius, consistently evolves his style of writing. Tried and tested creations of form are refined, others are questioned, rethought and rewritten. […] In spite of complex composition using dense graphical structures and polygonal forms, his pieces convey a tremendous dynamic.

This tension creates a special kind of aesthetic, which distinguishes itself from the rest and always challenges the observer. WOW! Is therefore not only a personal signet, but also at times the first reaction when confronted with this art.“ © Ingo Clauß

As his supraregional contact he has asked Mirko Reisser to participate in this DIALOGUE to work together in the spaces of the Städtische Galerie Bremen. Both artists are in close contact for many years, did public projects together, and took a similar development as to their changing relation towards art institutions.Mirko Reisser (DAIM)„With every new DAIM-piece, Mirko Reisser takes possession of another piece of the world; and with every new DAIM-piece, the world takes possession of another piece of Mirko Reisser.

„Shaping the character of letters and at the same time, discovering one’s own“ is his dictum. The character of the letters remains variable, abstruse, in short: ambivalent (and, thus, subversive).[….] In between construction and de-construction, two- and three-dimensions, complexity of shape and simplification of content, between seclusion and an invitation to communicate, Mirko Reisser’s works reveal the unfathomable rift of the world – at the crossing of which the beholder increasingly struggles“ © Arne Rautenberg

For the Städtische Galerie Bremen they will deal with the huge exhibition spaces that architecturally were determined by their former industrial use. As representatives of an art medium that has gained importance and visibility Markus Genesius and Mirko Reisser will adapt the special qualities of their public art form for the institutional frame of an exhibition space.

Just like in the first DIALOGUE by Mia Unverzagt (Bremen) and Anna Gaskell (New York) the exhibition will enable a close cooperation between the artists, which will result in joint art works that exceed the basic idea of making visible the references between two artistic positions.

“DIALOG: Markus Genesius & Mirko Reisser – Long Distance”
Courtesy: Städtische Galerie Bremen | Fotos © Axel Stock / MRpro

A publication is planned to capture the results of this DIALOGUE and the specific achievements within the spaces of the Städtische Galerie.

November 5th, 2017 till January 7th, 2018
Opening: Saturday November 4th, 2017 at 19 hrs
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