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Næstved Kunstby

| Urban Art Outdoor Gallery.

The Danish town of Næstved has given international graffiti and hip hop culture a special status. All of Næstved Kunstby’s works have been… produced over the years by a number of international artists selected for their efforts and commitment to graffiti culture. Artists such as Aryz, ECB, OSGEMEOS, Toast, ZEDZ have left their mark on the city.
A stroll through the city gives a glimpse of the wall works of the various artists within the city. The works were curated by CMP One and Swet, two graffiti artists of the first generation. The Næstved Kunstby sees itself as a long-term project for the promotion and preservation of art in public spaces, with a special focus on urban art.

Mirko Reisser spent 10 days on site and created a large wall painting, measuring 7.6 x 41 m.
His artist name DAIM, is also a formative characteristic in this context. The play with the construction and deconstruction of the letters, their figuration and abstraction, the shapes and colours, is driven even more to extremes.

“DAIM – coming out Næstved” | Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
Courtesy: NÆSTVED KUNSTBY | Photos © MRpro / CMPone