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Shifted Tags – Kunstverein Villa Streccius

| “Shifted Tags – The heirs of graffiti”
Duration: May 19th – June 24th 2018.
Curated by Peter Weiler.

The cradle of the art form of graffiti can be found in the 70ies in the city of New York as the so-called “Tags”. These artist-names were sprayed illegally onto public walls and train wagons and spread throughout the world promptly. By creating the letters in a more and more elaborate way, by including figurative elements and the 3D-Style they soon evolved to a sophisticated art form. This development was also accompanied with a stepwise movement to commissioned works and the legal design of public walls. Today the scene has not only become very versatile in their motifs but also uses classical forms of expression such as painting and object art.

The exhibition shows works from artists that started out as sprayers on the street, but today have developed for themselves completely new forms of expression in their artistic work. Contemporary graffiti is highlighted with four positions: Fragmentation and dynamic run through the paintings of the polish artist Robert Proch, whereas Tore Rinkveld (Evol) engages in a kind of evidence-securing of vanishing architecture. Technically virtuous and supremely colourful Mirko Reisser (DAIM) pushes words into the monumental. The works of the Landau based artist Till Heim (SIGN) build arrangements of geometric forms in interaction with image mediums of found wooden boards in various formats.

Robert Proch, Tore Rinkveld (EVOL), Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
Courtesy: Kunstverein Villa Streccius e.V. | Photo © MRpro

Opening: Friday, May 18th, 8 pm

A catalogue is published.

welcome speech
Barbara Kleinschmidt
President of the Kunbstvereins Villa Streccius

greeting speech
Thomas Hirsch
Lord Mayor of the City of Landau

Theo Schneider
cultural journalist

Solomon Seed
Reggae Artist


Kunstverein Villa Streccius Landau
Südring 20
76829 Landau / Pfalz