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Charity-Print & NFT-Release for #ArtistsForUkraine

| 2 Prints and 1 NFT from Sunday, March 20, 2022, 11 am CET, on und

For the initiative #ArtistsForUkraine the Hamburg artist Mirko Reisser has developed the edition DAIMforUkraine, which is sold as a two-part Printed Edition DAIMforUkraine – Part One & Two on In parallel, he worked with the Cologne agency MILK on the NFT artwork of the same name, which will be available for purchase at from 20.03.2022 with a 24h drop. The proceeds from the sale of both works will fully benefit the charity campaign #UnitedForUkraine, which supports the Red Cross and Unicef in Ukraine.

“DAIMforUkraine – Part One & Two”

With the limited editions DAIMforUkraine – Part One & Two Mirko Reisser a.k.a DAIM takes a stand in view of the war in Ukraine, literally sets a sign for peace. The universal peace symbol and the Ukrainian national colors blue and yellow are elementary components of this work. Geometric, color-intensive form elements reminiscent of splinters are centered in the middle, behind which the letters of Reisser’s writing name are hidden: DAIM. His writings are always self-portraits, subject to permanent reproduction and deconstruction. In DAIMforUkraine – Part One his “self” seems to burst. What remains are indefinable, sharp-edged elements. Here, Reisser’s typical “3D style” comes to the fore, creating a special pictorial depth through light and shadow effects, contrary to general viewing habits and spatial experiences.

In Part Two, the DAIM letter sequence appears much calmer, the Peace symbol in the colors of the Ukrainian national flag rises from the background and absorbs the artist’s “self”. Through Reisser, we become eyewitnesses to the entry of peace that reclaims space in DAIMforUkraine.


Under the hashtag #UnitedForUkraine, volunteers, non-governmental organizations, and business associations are joining forces to protest and speak out in support of the Ukrainian people, who are being oppressed by the Russian government and attacked in their own country. The goal of is to identify the needs of Ukrainian people in distress and provide assistance as quickly as possible.

About the Artist

“My letterings are self-portraits,” says Mirko Reisser. In 1989, the artist sprayed his first graffiti. And at the beginning of the 1990s, Mirko Reisser a.k.a. DAIM, revolutionized the scene with a completely new style: in ever new versions, he reproduced the four letters of his Writer name. However, he did not concentrate on the outlines, but on light and shadow effects, thus achieving 3-D effects with which he gained attention not only in Europe, but also among highly regarded writers in the US.
Last summer, he realized a large-scale work for the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart on the façade of the city’s Eberhard Ludwigs Gymnasium, the starting point for the current edition DAIMforUkraine. On an area of more than 100 square meters, a visually enticing composition of “D-A-I-M” was created there, which, beyond formal aesthetic considerations, poses the question of the artist’s own identity, as it makes the potential of the architectural environment visible.

As a continuation of this, Reisser developed the edition DAIMforUkraine as part of the #ArtistsForUkraine initiative, which is sold as a two-part printed edition DAIMforUkraine – Part One & Two on In parallel, he worked with the Cologne agency MILK on the NFT artwork of the same name, which will be available for purchase at from 20.03.2022 with a 24h drop. The proceeds from the sale of both works will fully benefit the charity campaign #UnitedForUkraine, which supports the Red Cross and Unicef in Ukraine.
Reisser, who has also worked on canvas from the beginning, exhibits nationally and internationally and has been featured at the Venice Biennale. He also creates commissioned works in urban spaces such as Hamburg’s Hafencity, City Center in Las Vegas and for the Marta Museum in Herford.


„DAIMforUkraine – Part One & Two“ by Mirko Reisser (DAIM), 2022.
Giclée FineArt Print, 40 x 30 cm, signed, dated and numbered.

Open edition, available from March 20th, 11 am CET to March 27th. at

1 Print: 200 € incl. tax without frame, framing optional.
Both Prints: 300 € incl. tax without frame, framing optional.

NFT 24 h Drop

NFT (.mp4-Video mit Sound) will be released March 20th, 11 am / CET for 24h on for 119 € incl. tax.

The 24-Hour NFT Drop

The 24-HOUR NFT DROP is a concept which allows artists to sell an unlimited amount of digital editions within the limited timeframe of 24 hours on Each 24-HOUR NFT DROP edition will be available for 24 hours only, then never again. The editions are numbered chronologically according to the time of receipt of the order.

Please be aware that after your purchase you have 14 days to claim your NFT to your wallet, otherwise your order will be canceled.


Contract Address: 0xad757f0083b8a4005ca898bc40c0d70b60a32b26

Token Standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: Polygon
Metadata: Frozen and Decentralized

“DAIMforUkraine” | Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
 Foto © : MRpro | Courtesy: UnitedForUkraine / artflash /

“I hope that many will contribute with a purchase of the prints or the NFT to help the people in Ukraine and those on the run. It is up to all of us at this time to help alleviate the suffering.” – Mirko Reisser