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DAIMdiagramm – STAMP18

| Urban Art – Creative interventions in the public space

Street Art and graffiti have become an everyday sight in public spaces around the globe.

With a variety of techniques and different intentions and messages artists shape their environment. They leave behind works, that can disappear within hours or can stay part oft he city landscape for years. In contrast to the works often created at night and anonymously, the artists working with STAMP can take their time to paint, install or build their art works. The organisers provide artists with material and the infrastructure, so the artists can concentrate on their individual art works of high quality.


Daniel „Hank“ Wunn and Julian „Clyde“ Fricke will work on the wall facing the street of the neighbourhood community centre „Motte“. They have known each other since their youth and have been working together as an artistic duo ever since they finished their art studies. Their work is to be understand as a „cocktail“ of archetecture, typography, abstarct painting and candalism. In their many-layered paintings, the spectator recognises a screenshot of the process, before the colourful composition disappears under the many coats concerning Urban Art, advertising and society.

1st – 3rd June 2018
Eulenstraße 43, Hamburg

Image above: “DAIMdiagramm Test 01” | Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
Courtesy: STAMP / altonale / getting-up

The works of our Urban Art artists linger beyond just the STAMP weekend: All around the Große Bergstraße in Hamburg-Altona Urban Art of highes quality has survived since the first STAMP Festival in 2010, including:

TASEK, Gausstraße (can be seen on the S-Bahn ride between Alona and Bahrenfeld). 
Moritz „Golden Green“ – Schumacherstr. 17 (Kiesertraining Backyard).
We are Büro Büro – Schumacherstr. 17 (Kiesertraining) Corner Schumacherstr.
Anna T-Iron – Große Bergstraße 193 (Backyard True Rebel Store).
Ata Bozaci – Giebelwand Neue Große Bergstraße 223.
Via Grafik – Große Bergstraße 199 (Durchgang / Backyard Reformhaus).
mittenimwald – Kleine Bergstraße (BacksideTeehaus Kröger).
Stohead, Tasek, RKT One, DAIM – Neue Große Bergstraße (Underground Parking entrance between Apotheke und Haspa).
remi/rough – Bugdahnstraße (Backside Apotheke).
Rebelzer – Bugdahnstraße (Lange Betonwand)

Click here for a map with all current and no longer existing locations and images.