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OZM Hammerbrooklyn

| Wallpainting for UpTheWall at OZM Hammerbrooklyn in Hamburg. 

A new mural will be created in summer 2020 at the OZM Hammerbrooklyn in Hamburg’s Hammerbrook district. 
As part of the UpTheWall project, Mirko Reisser will realize a large mural on the exterior façade facing Hammerbrookstraße with the title “DAIM – coming out of Hammerbrooklyn”. 

OZM Hammerbrooklyn
Spaldingstraße 140
20097 Hamburg, Germany

Visit by appointment only.


“DAIM – coming out of Hammerbrooklyn” | Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
Courtesy: OZM | Photo © MRpro