DAIM Skateboard – Deck


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7 Ply Canadian Maple. Concave: Medium.
8 x 31.875 Inches.
Each deck comes with a bonus artist sticker and postcard.
Decks are individually packaged in foil.

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Concept based on the world’s tallest mural “DAIM – straight up” by Mirko Reisser in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2022.

In 2022, the BUMP Festival launched an early start to the mural season with the help of the legendary German graffiti artist, Mirko Reisser [DAIM]. The collaboration resulted in the world’s tallest mural measuring 95 m | 310 feet tall.  The mural is now one of Calgary’s major highlights in the vibrant Beltline neighborhood and it can be viewed on the east wall of Hazelview’s First on Tenth Tower at 123 10th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta.

DAIM succeeds in balancing a variety of content and techniques with his individual style. His geometric figures and letters obey the laws of light and shadow, but defy gravity and space, which results in transporting the beholder to new dimensions.

Photos: Craig Schultz (b4 Flight) / MRpro