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The Swiss Connection – Kolly Gallery

| Zurich from June 10 to June 15, 2019. 

He has studied the letters, he mastered them and made them his trademark. Kolly Gallery proudly presents a new series of art works from DAIM entitled The Swiss Connection for the first time in Zurich from June 10 to June 15, 2019.

DAIM is known for de- and reconstructing his artist pseudonym in countless variations as well as amplifying the complexity of writing. Once the artist fragmentizes, drips, and tapes his name tag, which finally results in a nearly realistic (almost appearing digital) dynamic artwork.

„I perceive my writer name DAIM, as a self-portrait.“ – DAIM

The exhibited series juxtaposes three early copperplate etchings with two spray paint on canvas pieces. As the title of the exhibited series The Swiss Connection suggests, the three etchings were created during his studies back in 1996 at the Lucerne School of Art and Design in Switzerland. The artist dared to apply a total different and quite unusual technique to create a graffiti piece. Aesthetically, there were no colors available only different shades of black. Also the technique of the etching did not allow him much freedom. Nevertheless, DAIM managed to compose and perfect his renowned 3D forms and shapes.

Contentwise the artist played by the graffiti rules and therefore called out his crews TCD (Trash-Can Design) as well as FX from New York.

The two canvases belong to the rather recent series DAIMaround, which represent a highly graphic 3D writing. A certain digital refinement of the artist’s hand sketches is well recognizable. Unique about these paintings is, that his name, usually placed on the center of the painting is now located on the margin instead. Thus, the free space gives rise to a moment of rest before the appearance of the massively dynamic as well as complex letter composition. Metaphorically speaking, it represents the beginning of DAIM’s conquest of the space.

Finally, DAIM’s architectural composed design of letters, writing and style dissolve in an orchestrated wildness of color splashes, arrows and swings.

DAIM’s art works are tightly linked to his personality, which makes them extremely unique. Over time his name DAIM has become more a complex and will never stop evolving. He clearly perceives his name tag as a kind of self-portrait. His entire personality is studying, reflecting, developing, painting and impacting on the creation of the pieces.

Tania Di Brita / Kolly Gallery

Image above: “DAIMaround – Dynamic splash with orange” & “‘DAIMaround – Dynamic cut” | Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
Courtesy: Kolly Gallery | Photo © MRpro

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