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World’s tallest mural

| In conjunction with BUMP Festival in Calgary, Canada.

The BUMP Festival is launching an early start to the mural season with the help of the legendary German graffiti artist, DAIM. Calgary’s citywide urban-art festival is partnering with the artist for his Canadian debut where he and his team paints the world’s tallest, 95 m / 310 feet tall, mural in Calgary’s vibrant Beltline neighbourhood. 

The mural is painted in cooperation with Verve Projects on the east wall of Hazelview’s First on Tenth at 123 10th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta in the center of the Beltline, just across from the landmark Calgary Tower.  

Now in its 6th year, the BUMP Festival is creating a landmark mural in Calgary that cements the city on the international map as a creative hub for artists and powerful public art. 

DAIM, born Mirko Reisser, is an internationally renowned artist who has been creating public artworks for 30+ years. His work has been exhibited in prolific galleries and museums around the world including the MACRO Museum Rome, Italy, Museum of Modern Art Bremen, Museum Marta Herford, Germany. In 2019 the Contemporary Art Center in Rouen, France featured a 30-year retrospective exhibition of his work.
Known for his large-size, 3D-style graffiti works, balancing a variety of content and techniques with his individual style, DAIM’s geometric figures and letters obey the laws of light and shadow, but defy gravity and space, transporting the beholder to new dimensionsHis work is nurtured from urban landscapes, as well as absorbing influences from printmaking, painting, and architecture. DAIM brings his years of experience and influences to this Calgary mural, which is a major career milestone for him as well.

Thanks to Hazelview Properties, Vertigo Solutions for Work at Height and the team members JD Warkentin, Josh Creighton & AJ Starlight.

The 2022 BUMP Festival is August 1st – 28th, 2022 in Calgary, Canada.

BUMP Festival

BUMP is Calgary’s urban-art festival.
Started in 2017 as the Beltline Urban Murals Project, the community-led, artist-focused initiative has exploded to become a city-wide street art festival reimagining public spaces through the visual arts and expanding the capacity of the local arts community. A diverse jury selects from among local, national and international artists for the BUMP Festival’s annual exhibition of new mural and graffiti works on the streets of Calgary.
To transform Calgary into an expansive, open-air contemporary visual art gallery that drives a thriving local arts community.

Verve Projects

Founded in 2005, Verve Projects represents internationally acclaimed creative professionals.   We source opportunities and negotiate contracts on their behalf. We subsequently manage and execute the commissioned projects, through proposal, concept development + launch.

The visual artists we represent have developed award winning collaborative art projects and monumental museum exhibitions. Their studio work includes some of the most sought-after work by international art collectors.

The music producer we represent is the recipient of 3 Grammys, ARIAS and has received many accolades for numerous Platinum and Gold albums.

Photos & Video © : Craig Schultz (b4 Flight) / MRpro
Courtesy: BUMP Festival / Verve Projects

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