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DAIM Retrospective – 35 Years Of Graffiti Art

| From May 2024, the WAI Woods Art Institute will be showing a comprehensive exhibition of his work. 

With more than 80 original works shown in a space of 1,800 square meters, it shows Reisser’s journey from a young graffiti writer to an internationally renowned artist.
Parallel to this exhibition, a video installation by the Greek artist Filippos Tsitsopoulos will be shown in the hall of the WAI galleries and a work by Alex McQuilkin can be seen in the video room. Additional works and sculptures from the Reinking Collection are exhibited in the interior and exterior spaces.

In the beginning was the word. In the summer of 1989, 17-year-old Mirko Reisser and two friends spray-painted the five letters RIGHT on a distribution box. The term alone is a provocation. After all, the damage to property – at least from a legal perspective – is anything but “right”. Today, 35 years later, Mirko Reisser still writes his name DAIM in the style of a classic graffiti writer. At the same time, however, Reisser redefines writing to a certain extent by transforming his pseudonym into complex sculptures.

Sometimes this is to be understood literally. Reisser has also made forays into sculpture, carving the word DAIM out of wood or casting it out of concrete – and in this way transforming the two-dimensional medium of writing into three-dimensionality. As a rule, however, Reisser creates an optical illusion of physicality when he paints his name on canvases, in exhibition spaces or on building facades. He plays with light and shadow with such virtuosity that the impression is created that the beams, curves and polyhedrons, which are interlocked to form complex figures, leave the surface and actually extend into the room.

One of the exciting ambivalences in Mirko Reisser’s work is that he writes his name repetitively – in keeping with the idea of writing – while at the same time constantly redefining the rules of writing for himself. Like the fact that although he still works with a spray can, he has long since composed his pictures and applied them in numerous layers like a classical painter. When he writes the name DAIM today, he obeys the blueprints of the letters. At the same time, however, he deconstructs and reconstructs them until it is hardly possible to recognize the structures as sequences of letters.

In this way, Mirko Reisser explores the boundary between surface and space, between typography and architecture, between legibility and abstraction in his very own way.

Rik Reinking has accompanied Mirko Reisser alias DAIM since 2001 and has acquired numerous works and groups of works from all creative phases for his collection. Based on this long-standing relationship between artist and collector, it is now possible to trace Reisser’s unique path from a writer active on the street to an internationally sought-after artist.


The exhibition catalogue “DAIM Retrospective – 35 Years Of Graffiti Art” is available at the WAI store, in bookstores, and online.
Paperback, German / English, 128 pages. 20 x 26 cm.
ISBN 978-3-9824951-0-1.

Opening hours & tours

Exhibition: May 2024 to January 2025.

A visit to the Woods Art Institute is only possible as part of a booked visit on weekends and public holidays, during which you can view the exhibitions in the WAI Galleries and the sculpture park.

Plan about two hours for your visit, but feel free to stay longer. The WAI is open on visiting days from 11:00 – 16:00. There are free-roaming peacocks on the grounds, so unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the premises.

Artist- and collector-tours are offered at regular intervals. Dates and possibilities to book tickets via the following link:


WAI  Woods Art Institute
Golfstraße 5
21465 Wentorf bei Hamburg / Germany

The Woods Art Institute is about a 15-minute walk from the Reinbek S-Bahn station (HVV line S2) and is thus directly connected to Hamburg Central Station. Accessibility by car is possible via the A24, A25 or B5 motorways. Due to limited car park capacity, we recommend travelling by public transport.

 Titlephoto © Kai-Uwe Gundlach / Graphic Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
Photos © Jennifer Kauka

 DAIM Retrospective – 35 years of Graffiti Art
DAIM Retrospective – 35 years of Graffiti Art
 DAIM Retrospective – 35 years of Graffiti Art


Not far from Hamburg‘s city limits, located in a western extension of the Sachsenwald Forest, the park area, designed by Rudolph Jürgens and laid out in 1914 as the country estate of a Belgian merchant, now encompasses a picturesque ensemble of thatched half-timbered houses, a functional building from the 1940s and the modern exhibition house of the WAI Galleries with the Reinking Collection constructed in the early 21st century. The result of this unique history of development and use is a campus that features generous green areas as well as open and alternating intimate exhibition, work and recreational rooms, surrounded by the ever-present, primal nature of the forest.

As a place of creation and teaching, the WAI offers a range of art courses, seminar and event spaces as well as a boarding house and artists’ studios in addition to its exhibition programme.


Since its founding, the Reinking Collection sees itself as a place of encountering and further developing art and man. Over the past twenty years, the Reinking Collection has repeatedly expressed this concept in the form of numerous exhibitions and promotions and has also confronted existential human questions. The collection has found a permanent home in the WAI Galleries’ rooms for the first time and at the same time gained the opportunity to present itself with a richness that has been unseen until now.