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  • World’s tallest mural

    Calgary, Canada | 2022


    Hamburg | 2021/22

  • Mirko Reisser (DAIM) | "DAIM - coming out monomania" | 11,5 x 11

    DAIM x Eberhard-Ludwig-Gymnasium

    Stuttgart | 2021

  • OZM

    Hamburg | 2020


    Museum MACRO | Rome | 2017


    Denmark | 2018

  • Beyond melancholia

    Museum für Völkerkunde | Hamburg | 2014

  • STAMP18

    Hamburg | 2018


    Bologna | 2012


  • 55und30

    Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich | Munich | 2018

  • ARTotale

    Lüneburg | 2009


  • Nike WHQ Campus

    USA | 2018



    IN & OUT


    Retrospective – 35 years of Graffiti Art

    WAI  Woods Art Institute, Wentorf near Hamburg

    From May 2024, the WAI Woods Art Institute will be showing a comprehensive exhibition of the work of Hamburg graffiti artist Mirko Reisser, aka DAIM. The exhibition is dedicated to Reisser’s journey from young sprayer to internationally sought-after artist.



    Kunsthalle Luzern, Switzerland

    DAIM is coming back! For the artist it will be a return to a site known to him from his past: Mirko Reisser studied Fine Arts at Lucern University of Applied Sciences and Arts 20 years ago, before he returned to Germany and acquired worldwide recognition as a graffiti artist.
    In so-called “Writing” the main element of the pictorial composition is the artist name DAIM in a very unique and site-specific design. 
    The typography in the works of Mirko Reisser is based on processes of construction and deconstruction, the abstract letter formation functions as the core component of his three-dimensional works.



    This catalog is published for the solo exhibition “Taking Over” by Mirko Reisser (DAIM) at Galerie Borchardt.

    Mirko Reisser was invited to take possession of the exhibition spaces of Galerie Borchardt as part of a long-term project and transform them into a Gesamtkunstwerk. In the course of this, he has designed a 16-meter-long wall, sprayed large-format paintings and placed sculptures in the space.

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    zone contemporaine, Bern

    With the single exhibition monomania the Bern-based zone contemporaine enters new territory. An artist is working on-site and realizing a work directly at the exhibition wall for the first time. “DAIMmonomania” with a size of 140 square meters is Mirko Reisser’s biggest work created in an exhibition space so far.
    The powerful, seemingly tangible work is determined by processes of construction and deconstruction, the abstract letter formation constitutes the key element of his three-dimensional works. The reductions of his visual motif to the four letters of his writer’s name is barely visible for the beholder, too complex and multi-layered is the spatial structure.
    It makes the exhibition spaces explode and openly intervenes with their aesthetic design. The distinct architectural structure is being dissolved while the works demands all attention for itself. 



    The realization process of the work is recorded in a video by Christian Brodack.

    »Shaping the character of letters and at the same time, discovering one’s own.«

    DAIM’s programme comprises the construction, as well as de-construction of a word at some point, in between the processes of annealing and erasure, it emerges out of a synaesthetic sphere! And reveals: that it came into being out of nothingness and is always on the verge of disappearing into it again.
    DAIM-graffitis can be seen as fixed images of a word-formation that is constantly threatening to reassemble, denying access, escaping the demands of tangibility and, thereby, remain free and sovereign.

    With every new DAIM-piece, Mirko Reisser takes possession of another piece of the world…

    zone contemporaine | Photo © Merlin Photography